“Every ending has a new beginning.” For the last Instagram post of 2017 (and fittingly the 1799th 😉) I announced that the end of 2017 also marked, the beginning of the end of me and my family's time as Queens Village residents.

We always pride ourselves in saying that the Queenscapes project is about covering every single neighborhood in Queens, but Queens Village has and will always be especially significant to us. It is the neighborhood in which the inspiration for the idea of #Queenscapes was berthed, and also where we held our first publicly funded photo workshops and community exhibit for our project “Queens (as the world’s) Village: Know Your Neighbor.”

Roman and Saul Vazquez enjoying New Years Eve Dinner.

Roman and Saul Vazquez enjoying New Years Eve Dinner.

It’s in Queens Village that we first tackled the notion of a diverse yet divided cultural oasis. Queens Village allowed us in, and the folks over at the Citizens Committee of NYC and the Queens Library enabled us to make a difference. 

So as an ode to our limited time left in Queens Village, or Q.V., as it is affectionately known to long-time residents here, I will offer you a closer personal perspective, a much more intimate look than you usually see on this page, into my last days and my family’s last days as a current Queens Village residents with the photo series titled, #AdieuQV.

From today Sunday, December 31st up until Wednesday January 31st 2018, I’ll post one photo a day on Instagram, to also be shared on Facebook and Twitter offering a candid look at our little section of Q.V. 

So while we will still look forward to all our amazing (and more publicly funded projects) to debut in 2018, we’ll slow the clocks down a bit to reflect and reminisce and to show our gratitude for our time here. 

Words and photo by Adolfo Steve Vazquez